Many people in British Columbia have some Ice-Skating, Snow Skiing or Roller-skating experience and will take to In-Line Skating very quickly!

However, in spite of the great similarities, there are significant differences in stopping and balancing that must be made to blade outdoors without being limited to your ice rink, roller rink or snow skills!

Learn basic In-Line Skating Skills in a safe, flat area, in a private, semi-private or small group lesson. Then learn how to blade slight grades, rough surfaces, & pathways before you venture out to the Seawalls, Stanley Park, or Seymour Forest.  Note: Even Stanley Park has 4 significant hills so make sure you’ve developed your braking and hill skills before you venture there!

Lorne’s ‘Zen of Blading’ teaching method guides students to:

  • Expand their Balance Skills (initially on the grass) & their Perception Skills for each movement;
  • Increase their Confidence & Comfort Level;
  • Focus on ‘Rapid Learning Acquisition’;
  • Deal with undulations & other changes in outside surfaces  (Pathways are not perfectly smooth like rinks);
  • Move to the point where blading becomes 2nd nature & they experience the ‘Zen of Blading’;
  • Steadily increase their fitness;
  • Blade for transportation & recreation!

Lorne uses the most current safety techniques and instructional methods for ‘Fun, Positive, & Success-Based Learning’